Jeremy D. McGowan

Driver of O.S.I.R.I.S. / TV Personality / Technical Writer

OSIRIS Adventures with Kamryn

In this very first episode of OSIRIS Adventures, my guest is my 7 year old daughter, Kamryn. STEM and getting our children involved in scientific research will carry us through this life. Kamryn interviews me about the OSIRIS, why I built it, how the SkyHub is integrated and what the Phenomenon is – and the difference between UFO and UAP.

A Tear in the Sky

takes you on an unprecedented journey into the UAP/UFO phenomenon as we follow a team of world renowned experts, scientists and military personnel who will attempt to unravel the UAP/UFO mysteries using state-of-the-art, military grade equipment and technology. This is a thought-provoking, mind bending journey into the true nature of reality on earth and our place in the universe.

Disclosure Team

I join the Disclosure Team with Vinnie to discuss the current state of the O.S.I.R.I.S. and my roles with UAPx.

The UAPTF report is going to suck.

The content of the Congressional mandated report on the UAPTF – the report that we are counting on for disclosure… well, it’s going to suck.

Show me the DATA!

An offer to UFOTwitter to provide free hosting/storage for any digital photo that has the ancillary EXIF data attached that is of an anomalous event pertaining to the phenomenon.

The Unidentified Celebrity Review

Recorded live on a lazy Sunday afternoon on the Unidentified Celebrity Review. Kick back and listen to the dulcet UAP tones of Jeremy McGowan, his very unique Land Rover, and Skuhub. Also, Jeremy’s other passions including his youtube channel dedicated to scientifically hunting UAPs with his daughter in the deserts of Nevada. Come aboard! let’s […]