Jeremy D. McGowan

Driver of O.S.I.R.I.S. / TV Personality / Technical Writer


OSIRIS Adventures with Kamryn

In this very first episode of OSIRIS Adventures, my guest is my 7 year old daughter, Kamryn. STEM and getting our children involved in scientific research will carry us through this life. Kamryn interviews me about the OSIRIS, why I built it, how the SkyHub is integrated and what the Phenomenon is – and the difference between UFO and UAP.

Show me the DATA!

An offer to UFOTwitter to provide free hosting/storage for any digital photo that has the ancillary EXIF data attached that is of an anomalous event

The Unidentified Celebrity Review

Recorded live on a lazy Sunday afternoon on the Unidentified Celebrity Review. Kick back and listen to the dulcet UAP tones of Jeremy McGowan, his

New Podcast

Jeremy McGowan announces the creation of a new video based podcast.